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Who are Provision-ISR?


Provision-ISR is an Israeli multinational company and the world's fastest growing manufacturer of camera surveillance equipment, established in 2007. As a country, Israel is a world leader in national security and has been working on terrorism prevention for decades. All this knowledge and experience is reflected in the high standard, and reliability, that the security manufacturers' products maintain. Provision-ISR has specialized in CCTV / OCTV (IP video), with products that are at the absolute forefront.

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Latest technology and trends

Provision-ISR constantly stays up-to-date on the latest technology and trends to ensure that the products always have the latest features, such as DDA video analysis, facial recognition and license plate reader (LPR). This is done without sacrificing the high operational reliability.

Knowledge is power

Provision-ISR offers a solid knowledge bank and is there to support you all the way, both before and after a delivery. Rapid acquisition of knowledge in the event of market changes and new technology. Free trainings, both through real meetings and via webinars, are also offered on an ongoing basis. By providing the highest knowledge support throughout the entire sales chain, a very high level of customer satisfaction is ensured.

”One stop shop”

With a very large range, Provision-ISR can offer everything within CCTV / OCTV (IP video), as well as peripheral products such as PoE switches, power adapters and video baluns. In this way, purchases are simplified by only needing a single supplier for the entire need. In the same way, compatibility between products is also ensured.

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