Provision-ISR thermal camera is your all-weather, full-are, around the clock heat detector.

Check Point

Check Point is a leading provider of cybersecurity solution to governments and business world wide.

Smart Alert

Smart Alert cameras are developed to detect unwanted visitors and scare them away with flashing lights and sound warnings.

Intelligent web client video management platform

Ossia VMS enables a quick decisive response to each incident with its unique and costumized functions.

Provision CAM2 APP

Provision Cam 2 is installers' first choice for their professional needs, yet clear to be end users' favorite app!


Provision-ISR´s products use a proprietary protocol, and are alson fully Onvif compatible, which ensures compatibility with products from other actors.


IP technology and HD technology


The ultimate parking management experience!

Smart Plate

License plate recognition technology!

DDA 1st Generation

DDA distinguishes between Human beings, Two wheeled vehicles, Four wheeled vehicles.

DDA 2nd generation

DDA 2nd generation can improve the accuracy and efficiency of analysis by providing critical information for suspect identification and event reconstruction.


What color is the noght? With Provision-ISR´s rainbow series, you can get full color vision, even at night!


If you want to monitor large areas such as parking lots or industries, the PTZ cameras allow you to monitor the overall area and focus on suspicious activity.


"National Defence Authorization Act"

Wifi camera

Connects directly to WIFI and significantly reduces installation time, making it a perfect solution for any installation.

Doorbell and intercom

Smart home security device that allows homeowners to keep an eye on their front door and receive alerts when someone approaches or ring on the doorbell.

Switch PoE

Standard, Switch PoE, Switch PoE LCD, Keep Alaive, CCTV Mode.

IPC Manager

Take Part of the new FW version!


Expansion of the field of vision guaranteed by these devices allows the user to get an exellent overview by avoding so called "Blind-Spots".

Face recognition

With face recognition, your NVR can store up to 10,000 faces in its database!

Face detection

With face detection, your camera can detect, track and evaluate 5-10 faces simultaneously!

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