When it comes to data security, this can be divided into two parts;"data privacy"and"data protection"The first part, data privacy, applies to all organizations subject to the GDPR, and involves empowering users of the equipment to make their own empowering users of the equipment to make their own choices about handling data, regarding who can handle which data and for which purpose, in accordance with the GDPR ( The second part, data protection, is about keeping data safe from unauthorized access.

Provision-ISR continuously works with both of these and puts great resources into parts that data is protected from unauthorized access as well as users' GDPR privacy.

The OSSIA platform (version 1.4.1 and up) includes the following:

• Connection via secure P2P cloud service
• Encrypted password recovery mechanism
• Blacklisting/whitelisting
• Advanced management of user permissions
• Automatic logout
• Telnet port closing
• The ability to disable video on logout
• Password strength indicator
• Default password prompt
• Enhanced protection against password generator
• HTTPS Security Protocol
• 802.X Security Protocol
• Auto update via cloud service
• Encrypted configuration files
• HDD data encryption
• Encrypted backup of video
• Detailed user privacy policy
• Mandatory password change
• SDK/API server
• Six months of detailed system log
• The ability to set individual storage time limitations per channel
• Secure RS-232 connection
• Configurable default password strength requirement
• The ability to set the password validity period

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